Our Support Options

We've tried to remove the stress from taking on external support, and made our options super flexible and effective. 

Light Retainer

If you just want to make sure you’re not putting your business at risk and that you’ve got someone on hand to ask any questions that you might have, then this is the retainer for you.  

– Unlimited telephone and email support on any HR, employment law or staff related issues
– Full Risk Audit within the first month
– £1m professional indemnity insurance
– A 15% reduction on all ad-hoc work

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Full Retainer

The full retainer takes support to another level, and makes sure you’ve got all the necessary foundations to keep you protected.  It’s our customer’s most popular choice. You get everything that the Light Retainer offers, plus:

– Legally sound contract’s of employment for full time and for zero hour staff
– A staff handbook, created from scratch bespoke for your needs
– Job Descriptions for 3 of your roles
– A 20% reduction on all Ad-hoc work

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Ad-hoc Projects

If you want make change in your business but you can’t afford the time, or don’t have the experience, to make it happen, then we offer ad-hoc support for any HR related projects.  Some of the projects we work on are:

– Taking on Apprentices and Trainees
– Recruitment and Retention Campaigns
– Management, Supervisor and Staff Training
– Expansion and new locations openings
– Cost Reduction,Redundancy,Relocation

Looking to create change?

Everything we do is bespoke for each client.  We don’t copy and paste and we don’t accept ‘one size fits all’ solutions.    We can support you a little or as much as you want us to and satisfying your needs and aspirations is really important to us.

On-site Support

We find working on-site gives us a great opportunity to really immerse our minds into your business and builds a complex understanding of how your business works.  It’s really up to you how long we’re on-site for, it can be a few hours, or we can camp out on-site for some serious input when the need arises.

Off-site Support

Sometimes you just need to get your head down, undisturbed, and crack on.  Working from our offices we can get on with hammering out the finer details.  There’s no need to worry about being left out of the loop, communication’s made easy using telephone, email or skype; whichever’s your preference.

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