Why Choose Us?

It’s always a difficult decision to consider taking on external services to support you as your business grows.  It’s a also a necessary part of taking your business to the next level, but that doesn’t make it any easier.  This is especially true when choosing an HR Partner.  

By it’s nature, HR is instrusive.  An HR Partner will need to be involved in every part of how you manage your staff and your business, so making sure you choose the right person for your business is extremely important.

6 Facts That Set Us Apart


We only work with Hospitality and Retail businesses.  We believe in sticking to what we know best. We want to partner with our customers and offer them a truly valuable service.


Because we know the industries so well, we already know the challenges you might be facing, and how to overcome them.  There’s no time or effort wasted, which is good for everyone.


We’re well connected in the industry.  Whether it’s new software you’re after, searching for a new Manager or looking for the best way to manage stock, we can quickly get you reliable information.


We attend People1st and other industry seminars, so we’re always upto date with the latest information, technology and changes to the industry, helping you plan ahead and avoid issues.


We’re down to earth and never condescending.  Our customers trust us to listen to their problems, to not judge them, and to help them to get around those problems in the best way possible.


Our pricing is flexible and fair.  We’re set up to support the smaller players and our prices reflect this. Retainers offer so much for a reasonable monthly payment, and projects are priced ahead to give you clarity.

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